The biology of beauty explained



Awaken your brain, revitalise your senses and experience a full mental workout, as presenter and self-professed wonder junkie Jason Silva returns to our screens for more Brain Games. Prepare to marvel at the power of your most extraordinary organ, as you witness even more fun interactive games, tough challenges and mind-boggling optical illusions in this week’s episode of Brain Games on Wednesday 19 February at 8pm on National Geographic Channel.

This episode is all about attraction – what makes a person attractive in the eyes of another? Can hidden formulas help us predict our ‘type’? Plus we’ve all been through the ordeal that includes stumbling over words and generally looking slightly foolish when confronted by someone you are attracted to, but what actually goes on inside our brains when this occurs?

Join Jason Silva as he delves into the world of attraction, looking at both lust and the secrets of long-term relationships, to discover exactly what it is that unites two people together beyond their conscious control. He demonstrates the existence of secret formulas and brainwave patterns that allow us to understand the true nature of attraction and, in a shocking revelation, we learn of a body part that can often predict compatibility.

Prepare to discover that beauty isn’t skin deep, it’s brain deep, on this week’s Brain Games ‘Laws of Attraction’.

Take a look at the clip below. You have ten seconds to rate the faces presented to you and put them in order of attractiveness. Will you be able to create a unique combination?