Top 5 Facts: Controversial Hawk-Eye Moments

Courtesy of Hawk-Eye Innovations

Wimbledon 2007

Making its debut at Wimbledon, during the final Hawk-Eye called a shot by Rafael Nadal marginally ‘in’. Roger Federer subsequently asked for the system to be switched off, firmly believing the shot was out, but his request was denied.

Dubai 2007

Rafael Nadal was furious when he believed a ball to be ‘out’ that Hawk-Eye had called ‘in’. He referred to a mark on the court that seemed to prove his point, but the call stood. The makers of Hawk-Eye later explained that Nadal could not see the full stretched impact of the ball on the surface, whereas Hawk-Eye could.

Indian Wells 2009

At a quarterfinal between Ivan Ljubicic and Andy Murray, Hawk-Eye incorrectly called a shot by Murray ‘in’. Later, it transpired it had accidentally taken an image of a second bounce, a rare occurrence.

Australia 2009

In a match between Roger Federer and Tomáš Berdych, the latter challenged an ‘out’ call but Hawk-Eye didn’t work due to a large shadow on the court, and the call stood.

French Open 2010

Novak Djokovic was incensed when the umpire failed to spot that his shot had fallen inside the line, and was called ‘out’. The French Open is the only grand slam not to use Hawk-Eye.

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