Welcome to the first 100% renewable city in the USA

You may have seen this week from various news outlets that Chicago is set to become the first major US city to be powered 100% by renewable electricity. But is this true or fake news? HIW reveals all.

It’s very much true. The news originates from the city’s Office of the Mayor’s 9 April press release. Entitled MAYOR EMANUEL ANNOUNCES CITY BUILDINGS TO BE POWERED BY 100 PERCENT RENEWABLE ENERGY BY 2025, the mayor’s comments were very encouraging for the advance and spread of clean, renewable energy. The full press release can be seen here. But what does this all mean?

The city’s plan is to have all of its public buildings completely powered by renewable electricity by 2025. This would make Chicago the USA’s largest major city to do so. Essentially, it’s a huge move. The new direction is set to be implemented next year and will use both wind and solar energy as its main sources of generation. Mayor Rahm Emanuel said: “As the Trump administration pulls back on building a clean energy economy, Chicago is doubling down”. “By committing the energy used to power our public buildings to wind and solar energy, we are sending a clear signal that we remain committed to building a 21st century economy here in Chicago.”

Chicago has history as a clean energy provider. In 2013 the city ceased to use coal as an energy source and between 2010 and 2015, carbon emissions were reduced by 7 per cent. Other cities in the US are set to join Chicago in the drive for renewable energy generation. A lot has been made about the Trump administration’s stance on the environment but this is definitely a boost for renewable energy production in the USA.

Chicago renewable energy city

Donald Trump’s stance on the environment has been met with a negative response but cities like Chicago have other ideas

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