Wish List: Wearable tech 2020

©K Ring 

K Ring 

With contactless payment quickly becoming the norm, wearable technology like the K Ring is making it easier to make a purchase. Enabling you to wear your card on your finger, the K Ring can make payments to anywhere that accepts Mastercard contactless payments. With no need for charging or pairing with a smartphone, the K Ring makes sure you’ve always got a way to pay.



Matte Parliament

If you often find yourself stumbling through your wallet for the right credit card, ID or gym membership, then Ekster’s smart wallet is for you. Coming in a range of styles and colours, this trigger-controlled wallet reveals your cards at the touch of a button. Making sure you’re never without a way to pay, Ekster’s range of wallets come with a pouch to house Ekster’s tracker card. It can track your wallet around the world: by using the accompanying app these Bluetooth-paired wallets can be easily located when lost.



Move ECG watch 

Combining the style of analogue with the high-tech function of a smartwatch, the Move ECG is the first wristwatch equipped with a medical-grade electrocardiogram. At the touch of its face, this BlueTooth smartwatch will measure your heart rate and its electrical pattern, then record the results on the accompanying Withings Health Mate App. The Move ECG is a great way to monitor your heart’s health and help discover early signs
of irregularities.




So far 2019 has seen an increasing number of  launches for smart glasses, each with their own approach to streamlining the way we receive information from our phones. Vue is no exception. Designed with style in mind, these sleek glasses use bone-conduction technology to play music and phone calls in your ear. Once Bluetooth-paired with a smartphone, the wearer can change songs, answer calls or request the time with just a swipe or tap of the frame.



Leaf Chakra

Bellabeat has become one of the leading companies for combining women’s fashion and technology. With an entire range of wellness trackers, the Leaf Chakra is a great addition to your arsenal of wearable technology. Worn as either a pendant or clip, this piece of high-tech jewellery can keep track of your sleep, meditation, fitness and reproductive health. Set reminders, alarms and follow in real time how your body is performing throughout the day with the accompanying app, jam-packed with your daily stats.



My Skin Track UV

Basking in sunlight on a tropical beach can be great for the mind, but terrible for the body if you don’t protect yourself from harmful UV radiation. My Skin Track UV wearable sensor works to keep you protected in real time. Personalised to your skin type, tone and concerns, this compact sensor can alert you when you’ve spent too long in the sun and when it’s time to top up your protection. Using the app you can monitor your daily progress and also receive in real time humidity, pollution and pollen updates.



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