Fingerprints: Can they reveal your ethnicity?

Fingerprints have long been used by the police to identify missing persons and catch criminals, but only now are we really starting to discover the true range of applications fingerprints really have
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What is an equinox?

Throughout the year, Earth’s axis tilts slightly towards or away from the Sun, so that one hemisphere will have a longer day than the other, depending on which is more inclined towards our star
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Science of vision: How do our eyes enable us to see?

The structure of the human eye is so complex that it’s hard to believe that it’s not the product of intelligent design, but by looking at the eyes of other animals, scientists have shown that it evolved very gradually from a simple light-dark sensor over the course of around 100 million years

Memory science: can you extend your short-term memory?

As you read this article, you store the words at the beginning of each sentence in your short-term memory while you work your way through to the end, enabling you to understand the text
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Heatwaves explained: The causes and effects of hot weather

Although, according to Met Office meteorologist John Hammond, there’s no official definition of a heatwave, these hot-weather phenomena take their toll not only on a population’s health, but also business and infrastructure – such as power, water and transport

Why is chocolate bad for animals?

Nearly all humans love chocolate, it gives us immense pleasure when we devour it and contains nothing that is directly harmful too us, unless you include the fat and sugar that can be detrimental to our overall health

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