Newton's Cradle

How does Newton’s cradle work?

Newton’s cradle is a device that visually demonstrates the Laws of Conservation of Momentum and Energy, as well as the effects of friction and dampening

Working vocal cords grown in a lab for the first time

For the first time, scientists at the University of Wisconsin have managed to grow functional vocal cord tissue in the laboratory, in the hope that it can restore a voice to those who have lost their own vocal cords to cancer surgery or other injuries
Bare feet on the beach

Why do feet smell?

Sweat actually keeps the skin of our feet moist and flexible to cope with the constantly changing pressure when we walk
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Can sunlight make you sneeze? – video

The people that sneeze when they go from a dark room into sunlight aren’t allergic to the Sun’s rays, but there is something happening to them physiologically, a process known as photic sneezing
Friendly cow

Cows are magnetic and 4 other weird science facts

“Eureka!” meaning “I have found it” is a word synonymous with surprising scientific discoveries and science is great at unearthing the strange, the wonderful and the downright weird

How do fireworks explode?

Despite all their different colours, shapes, and sounds, all fireworks have the same basic components

Can we get addicted to cheese?

While most of us would agree that cheese is a delicious snack, I doubt that many of us would identify this dairy delight as a potentially addictive substance

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