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The inside story on Navy SEAL training

Interview with Rick Kaiser, an ex-Navy SEAL who specialised in winter warfare, sniping and combat swimming. He was assigned to an Assault Squadron and was selected for the Enlisted Education…

FEATURED: All About History

What did HMS Victory really do at Trafalgar?

Interview with the curator of Naval History at the National Maritime Museum, Dr James Davey
What was the Victory’s role at Trafalgar?
Its key role was as flagship for the commander in chief,…


Tesla announce P85D

Elon Musk reveals the latest addition to the Tesla family – the P85D

transcontinental flight, spacewalk, women, woman, female, Kathryn Sullivan, Laura Ingalls, 9 October, 1930, 1984

Females flying into history

On this day the first transcontinental flight and the first spacewalk by a woman took place.

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Why did the dodo die out?

Everybody knows that the dodo became extinct because it was stupid… right?

Credit Local Motors

First 3D printed car

3D printers can do anything these days, but even we didn’t think it could make a car!

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