How the internet has changed our lives in the past 25 years

It has been 25 years since the launch of the first-ever commercial internet service provider (ISP) in November 1989, and technology has changed quite a lot since. For example, 25 years ago there were just 159,000 hosts or websites worldwide, now there are … Continued

Gecko found on rope in Antigua

Gecko-inspired gloves let you scale walls of glass

Being able to scale walls like Spider-Man has just gone from being comic-book fiction to an exciting reality. A newly developed synthetic adhesion system inspired by geckos has been created and tested, enabling a 70-kilogram (154-pound) human to scale a 3.6-metre (12-foot) pane … Continued


Cyborg cockroaches could help find survivors in disaster zones

Cockroaches are known for being hardy creatures, and now they could be put to work as assistants in dangerous disaster zones. Researchers at North Carolina State University have fitted cockroaches with electronic backpacks that could help them find survivors trapped in the rubble after an earthquake or building collapse. These cyborg … Continued


Google unveils Project Ara modular smartphone prototype

The first working prototype of Google’s Project Ara smartphone has been revealed. Six months after the design was unveiled, a video has appeared online that shows an engineer turning on and using the device. Project Ara aims to enable users to … Continued


Is it possible to build a time machine?

So far it is only possible to travel forward in time, and only by fractions of a second. Imagine there are two identical twins; the first travels into space in a high-speed rocket, while the other remains on Earth. When the … Continued


Tesla announce P85D

Elon Musk reveals the latest addition to the Tesla family – the P85D

transcontinental flight, spacewalk, women, woman, female, Kathryn Sullivan, Laura Ingalls, 9 October, 1930, 1984

Females flying into history

On this day the first transcontinental flight and the first spacewalk by a woman took place.

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